“500 Classic” Spa

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    The Herock® 6 Heures Moto will host a new Classic Endurance race on August the 10th. A race of 500 km for the die hard fans, crowd assured !

    Thanks to the amateur teams, endurance is regaining an important role in Belgium, a role it never should have lost in the first place. These amateur teams have been at the cradle of the renewal of the discipline and the creation of the European Classic Series (ECS). A series that enjoys an unseen success nowadays, as well in the field of participants as in the field of spectators coming from both Belgium and abroad.
    And DG Sport does not forget these amateurs and their crowd !

    For them, and especially for them, on top of the Herock® 6 Heures Moto for modern bikes and despite the already well-filled weekend programme, there will be an additional race for classic bikes on the 10th of August in Spa-Francorchamps.
    A race of 500 km, approximately three hours, that will take place in the afternoon, so no worries as to the lights and visibility.

    These 500 CLASSIC will be based on the regulations of the ECS Maxi Classic, and more particular the Pro-Am (mandatory collaboration between professional riders and amateur riders), because the aim of this weekend is to have a major endurance feast for everyone ! Riders as well as spectators.

    For the attractive price of 999€ a maximum of three riders can alternate on machines built before 1981. Sensations guaranteed for them as well as for the crowd.

    All info and registration from the 7th of May on this website !