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Suzuki GT750 and Suzuki GSXR1000K62509 viewsBOTH ARE UP FOR SALE............10 commentsFilthDec 03, 2007
Suzuki GSXR1000K61783 viewsits covered in carbon and race spec equipment and is for sale2 commentsFilthDec 03, 2007
Filth's RG5003469 viewsRestoration project underway . Throw away the forks and get some modern upside down Ohlins , Carbon BST Wheels , AP Brakes ............and I may have something to scare the Kettle club when we go to track days next year ! What do you think ?2 commentsFilthNov 22, 2007
Filth's RG5001848 viewsAnother 2 stroke project on the go............Should scare the guys from the Kettle club at track days next year !!!!!!!FilthNov 22, 2007
Suzuki GT7502120 viewsThis is a perfect B modelFilthOct 17, 2007
Sam waiting1904 viewsShes only wears rubber . . . .loves the feeling when shes slides into her suit and loves riding in the summer sun..........1 commentsFilthOct 17, 2007
V Rod about to be mounted1316 viewsSam loves nothing better than riding the V Rod and feeling those vibes through her Rubber Cat suitFilthOct 17, 2007
Sam checks out the paint work1777 viewsSam likes the paint workFilthOct 17, 2007
Kawasaki ZXR103218 viewsSOLD THE BIKE - TOO MUCH GRIEF FROM THE WIFE...........YOU SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR BIKES THAN ME............WOMEN.............CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM !1 commentsFilthOct 17, 2007
Aprillia RSV Factory2360 viewsSold the bike...........FilthOct 17, 2007
MV Augusta Tamburini1573 viewsWho says I don't like Italian Bikes .Paint a Tamburini ?FilthOct 15, 2007
Honda CBX10001909 viewsNext year this will get a make over . Retaining the CBX classic looks but with a Fireblade rear end - swingarm and some Firblade forks up front.......its too scary for words as standard.FilthOct 15, 2007
Honda CBX10001765 viewsThis is the only Honda I will allow into my collection !FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GSXR1000K61053 viewsReady for the road.............FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GSXR1000K63120 viewsFull carbon bodywork - Tank , fairing , wheels , rear bodywork , airtubes , right down to carbon mirrors and heel plates . Engine heavily modified by Crescent Suzuki to BSB spec. Ohlins forks , rear shock and damper. Yoshi race exhaust so its loud !
Paint work to all hardware , frame , subframe , wheels , yokes and bodywork.
Its filling up at Donnington after a track day !
4 commentsFilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GT7502180 viewsReally ? ! Kettle ? Well,,,,,,,,,,,maybe not , this is my Incredible Kettle ! This is being built for the Track days I love to go will be road going too ! BST Carbon Wheels , Alloy frame , TR engine spec with some Suzuki GSXR1000K5 Suspension and bodywork.......this is going to be mad !FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GT7502213 viewsStan Stephens gave the barrels and ports some tuning and a TR spec crank keeps it all together ! Allspeed expansion chambers have just been replaced along with a set of larger 36mm carbs. Paint follows B model styling but has a deep blue metalflake in it so it really gistens in the sun . I am pleased with it so far4 , knocking out about 79bhp. Raced a track days and ridden in all weathers - it never lets me down.............building another 3 for next season and a crazy track GT750 racer... FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GT7502187 viewsAt the front a nice new pair of yokes allowed me to fit Suzuki GSXR1000K5 Forks , brakes and wheel along with the K5 mudgaurd. A GSXR1400 headlight unit , with a electronic speedo intergrated into the standard Kettle clocks gets its message from a sensor from the rear wheel..........its my K5 Kettle ! FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GT7501901 viewsIts my version of GT750 'Kettle'. Modified frame to accept Suzuki GSXR1000K5 Swingarm and shock along with the subframe which carries the GSXR rear bodywork. Chain alignment off that GSXR tyre ( 190 section ) meant that the front sprocket came out approx 28mm ! But you cannot tell - can you ? ! FilthOct 15, 2007
Yamaha YZFR 11067 viewsCarbon Wheels , Ohlins suspension front and rear , modified exhaust and slipper clutch along with a bit of paint . FilthOct 15, 2007
Harley Davidson V Rod947 viewsSeat covered to matchFilthOct 15, 2007
Harley Davidson950 viewsSam chose the - wheels too !FilthOct 15, 2007
Harley Davidson V Rod1013 viewsBit of paintFilthOct 15, 2007
V Rod make over1591 viewsSam waits for her be painted.........FilthOct 15, 2007
Harley Davidson V Rod1265 viewsHere you see Sam riding in her V Rod to my paint shop............FilthOct 15, 2007
Here you see a few of us from the Kettle Club at Cadwell Park1743 viewsToo many people retsore the Classic bike of their dreams only to ride them to a rally once a year.
Ride them , thrash them , take them to track days and burn rubber.
FilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GSXR1100WT. 20011603 viewsFound this brand new in LA at Christmas 2001. These had been out of production from 1997. Suffering from a terrible hangover I bought it and shipped her back to England.....a few months later........Dymag Wheels , Ohlins suspension , JMC swingarm , etc etc - painted up like the first generation of GSXR K seires.
Still handled like a cow on its way to the milk shed......................
2 commentsFilthOct 15, 2007
Suzuki GT750 - Kettles2373 viewsHere you see some of the Kettle family . 2 standard B models and my K5 GTGSXR.FilthOct 15, 2007
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