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Filth's RG500

Restoration project underway . Throw away the forks and get some modern upside down Ohlins , Carbon BST Wheels , AP Brakes ............and I may have something to scare the Kettle club when we go to track days next year ! What do you think ?

TT_3.jpg My_RG500_2.jpg My_RG500_2.jpg BMW.jpg BMW R 37 - 494 cc - 1925 -.jpg

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GT-Karl   [27. November 2007 um 17:51]
Should be a good idea, but in that case please sell me this fork legs and the brakediscs here on the pic, i'm desperadly searching that items for years to complete my TR750 traurig
GT-Karl   [27. November 2007 um 17:57]
ok. have had a closer look at it, .....only the discs, but it's no fun, it's a serious offer!!

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