Koenig Sidecars

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry I cannot write my posts in German but hope you may be able to help me.

    I am a New zealand author. I have published two best sellers here, my first was a biography of John Britten, builder of the Britten motorcycles. My second was called One Good Run - The Legend of Burt Munro. This was about the subject of the film The World's Fastest Indian.

    I am now completing a biography of the late Kim Newcombe. Many of you will know that Kim came second in the world GP championship on a Koenig motorcycle he designed and built.

    You will also know that a number of other riders did well on Koenig machines in addition to sidecar riders.

    My book covers all this race history and I have spent a number of years getting the information together. However I still need to know more, particulalrly about German club racing and national races where Koenigs competed. I would appreciate any interesting stories or obscure results that are not commonly available. Information on Werner Schwarzel and others in 72 and 73 would be much appreciated as wouyld any good pictures :thumbsup: .

    I intend to publish the book early in the New Year.

    All the best and Merry Christmas

    Tim Hanna

  • hello from switzerland

    kurt gerber & köbi epprecht won the swisschampionsship in 74. his engine was a könig. 75 he drove some wm races, pole in le castelet. his nethew heinz gerber bought the sidecar back to the family and tries to bring it back to the racetracks. together with his friend he started their internetsite. we`ll put a lot historic fotos on it, explain some technical problems and ideas. have a look and enjoy it. its a start, give us time and we bring the fotos and texts to you.

    greetings from heinz gerber and rafael wagner

  • hello Heinz,

    you told me about the internet side and some historical fotos. Where can I find this internetside?

    greetings from your old friend Harry from Germany


    voy en moto porque no tengo bicicleta