Ducati 250 competizione/ 1969 winter project - Classic-Racer in Portorož

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 12/11/2018
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Šentjane 31a

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Ducati carter larghi, winter project for racing. . Lightened frame, the frame is sandblasted and powder coated. Front wheel is Grimeca 180 duble simplex . Front and rear will have new AL high shoulder rims. . Tank and seat are new and newly painted. Rear shocks are IKON i. Engine is standard 250 and running. There are also clip ons, brake and cluch handles, rear foot pedals and megaphone exhaust- to be adjusted. I have Megacycle race cam, high output oil pump and new fairing with plexy (not painted) as optional. Due to backbone enjurie i am not able to race any more so all the racing projects are off. I have a lot of Ducati single speare parts to sell. All info by the phone or email or whatsup.

Telefon/Telephone: 0038641571306
Adresse des Verkäufers/Address of Seller*: Šentjane 31a


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