DUCATI 750 1972-1974 ROUND CASE & NARROW SUMP NCR BEVEL KOWE - Classic-Racer in modena

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Details zur Anzeige: DUCATI 750 1972-1974 ROUND CASE & NARROW SUMP NCR BEVEL KOWE

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For sale a NOS DUCATI BEVEL NCR RACE crank shaft. stroke 74.4mm.
These were used on all factory round cases race engines from DUCATI and NCR, from 1972 to 1974, including the narrow-sump engines, both 750 or 900cc - also the sandcasted TT / F1 motors
also used in Mike Hailwood TT winning bike.
manufactured using special steel and a complex procedure (4 different heat treatments), much lighter than OEM cranks, they grant superior dynamic balancing with higher strength.
coupled with CNC rods, they were & are the main component for all roundcase & sandcasted bevel motors.
NOS from NCR, acquired many years ago.
2 with standard 74.4 stroke.
2 with short 64.4 stroke
available with or without rods.
send email or call for details and pricing.
no time wasters. very rare items.

Telefon/Telephone: +393290757931
Adresse des Verkäufers/Address of Seller*: MODENA ITALY


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