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Datum der Veröffentlichung: 13/09/2018
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Details zur Anzeige: Honda Dream 50 - 1997 - 50cc Four Stroke CR110 replica

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Very collectable 50cc made by Honda to celebrate their CR110 50cc race bike.

This one is a good runner, engine is sweet. Condition wise it is not mint. The headlight rim has a scrape on it. The fuel tank paint is marked, so would benefit from a respray.

However you don't come across cheap ones of these, so an ideal bike if you want to modify one. Or use as it is.

Just been imported from Japan, will come with a dating certificate and NOVA all done.

Telefon/Telephone: 01708 372122
Adresse des Verkäufers/Address of Seller*: London, UK


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