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Norton Atlas 750 serious intervention done by professional mechanic with plenty previous experience with classic UK motors. Motor in original state but with cafe racer mudguards but with many vital engine parts new or rebuild to run perfectly and it is ready to use; only some 100 test km after rebuild. Lucas magneto also rebuild so it starts first kick. Does not spit oil or consume oil, with collector and one carburetor (or possible with two) with new braking pads. Transport costs for EU (UK, D, NL, DK etc.) around 450 EUR with truck and delivery time 4-8 days from purchase. Will send more details; invoices for new engine parts bought (camshaft parts, conrods and parts, piston set, valves parts…) detailed photos and video. All documents from previous owners, UK documents with original reg. number plate CHT 321 C and invoice from a professional seller in UK.

Telefon/Telephone: +38670770911
Adresse des Verkäufers/Address of Seller*: Koprska 94, Ljubljana


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